Dentist: It's your turn to differentiate in aesthetic rehabilitation. Practice a conservative and predictable dentistry based on occlusal health and clinical longevity.

+ 12 key themes

Native translation in Spanish and English

Filming of real clinical cases

Complementary handout and mind maps

100% online classes with support

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Course designed for rehabilitation dentists who want to improve their cases of Dental Aesthetics based on OCCLUSION AND CLINICAL LONGEVITY.

Dr José Arbex Filho, a renowned professional with extensive experience, considered one of the greatest authorities on the subject, opens his clinical cases and all his technique in this online course, the step-by-step explained and narrated to guide the dentist in the diagnosis, planning and execution. Cases of laminates in resins and ceramics, and all previous and subsequent protocols for completing the rehabilitation treatment.

Learn how to build a smile additively in composite resin with all the fundamental principles of occlusion and disocclusion with the correct resins for clinical longevity and esthetic stability

In addition to the complete part of the resins, here you will have all the ceramics, periodontal surgeries, occlusal splints, table tops and other bonuses.

Bruxism, erosions, biocorrosion and marked loss of tooth structure! How to rehabilitate these patients?

When and how to change the DVO in Additive Total Rehabilitations, COMPLETE SEQUENCE.



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⭐️ Welcome
⭐️ Hands On (Printed Handout + Study Guide + Mind Maps)
⭐️ Additive Rehabilitation-Arbex Filho - Live
⭐️ 1 Disocclusion and Anatomy Guide + Pdf
⭐️Complete Clinical Case
⭐️Longevity of Resins and Clinical Reality
⭐️The Importance of Planning Ceramics and Resins in the Clinical Routine
⭐️The Limit of Composite ResinsS
⭐️ Control of Opacity and Translucency

⭐️ Additive Rehabilitation With and Without Dvo Change
⭐️ The Importance of Functional Aesthetic Orthodontic Finishing
⭐️ Advanced Additive Rehabilitation
⭐️ Day to Day Intercurrences
⭐️ Adhesion of Resins to Ceramics
⭐️ Diastemas and Bruxism in 3 Times
⭐️ How Long Does a Smile Last? Longitudinal Follow-up of Our Patients
⭐️ The Great Aesthetic and Functional Challenges of the Daily Clinic

Dr. José Arbex Filho is a clinical dentist graduated in Dentistry since 1980 at the Federal University of Diamantina.

He is fully dedicated to care at his clinic in Belo Horizonte-MG.

Well known and sought after by Brazilian and foreign patients for highly natural and conservative rehabilitations. As a way to convey all of his specific technique, he uses his Instagram to help other dentists understand and practice a new dentistry based on the principles of occlusal health. His Instagram won the best award in the Cosmetic Dentistry, Content and Learning categories in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Author of book chapters and articles in several scientific journals, one of his biggest concerns is the quality of Brazilian Dentistry. And as a way to be able to selflessly contribute, he offers advice on techniques he's been using for over 40 years in a framework called ARBEXFLIX.


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